Breez: a seamless, 100% bitcoin experience from node to fingertip

Breez combines a full-service Lightning Service Provider, an intuitive point-of-sale app for merchants, and a seamless, non-custodial end-user app. We apply the most sophisticated technology in the bitcoin and Lightning ecosystems to minimize friction and to maximize the integrity of both networks.

The Breez mobile app marries features like zero-configuration channels, multipath payments, automatic cloud backup, in-app swaps to and from on-chain wallets, and top-up via credit card to make Breez as easy to use as the best fiat payment apps. To preserve users’ autonomy and privacy, Breez is the first in the industry to implement Neutrino, it contains options for users to connect to other LSPs, including their own nodes, and we minimize trust wherever possible.

The point-of-sale app focuses on filling orders and charging customers, while preserving the same technological integrity we build into all our products. It allows merchants to compile an item catalog easily, display prices in up-to-date bitcoin and fiat rates, export their transactions in .csv files, and — best of all — to turn any of their existing mobile devices into a bitcoin-holding, Lightning-transacting cash register.

The Breez LSP is the mothership keeping those custody-free mobile devices running smoothly. It provides inbound liquidity, network connectivity, uptime, and continuous, tested innovation.

If bitcoin could design its own killer app, the result would be Lightning. If Lightning could design its own killer app, the result would be Breez.

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