Breez SDK

Lightning as a Service

Breez wants to help you thrive in the P2P Lightning economy. That’s why we’re developing this SDK. It’s the easiest way to tailor Lightning to your own environment, letting your users send and receive P2P bitcoin payments directly from your app.

The Breez SDK enables mobile developers to integrate Lightning and bitcoin payments into their apps with a very shallow learning curve. The use cases are endless – from social apps that want to integrate tipping between users to content-creation apps interested in adding bitcoin monetization. Crucially, this SDK is an end-to-end, non-custodial, drop-in solution powered by Greenlight, a built-in LSP, on-chain interoperability, third-party fiat on-ramps, and other services users and operators need.

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It’s End-to-end

Including built-in liquidity services, on-chain interoperability, and third-party fiat on-ramps

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It’s Interoperable

Multiple apps can interact with the same user node

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It’s Frictionless

No KYC is required, lowering barriers to adoption

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It’s Effortless

Integrate Lightning payments into your app with just a few lines of code

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It’s Trustless

Breez’s non-custodial infrastructure never takes possession of users’ funds

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It’s Global

Our P2P solution avoids regulatory hurdle

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