The Breez Open-LSP Model

Bitcoin ROI with Full Custody

The market has been waiting years for a means to generate a return on bitcoin that doesn’t compromise custody.

Just as ISPs are what turned the internet from a niche hobby into a revolutionary technology by providing users with bandwidth and easy access, Lightning Services Providers (LSPs) are the key to popularizing Lightning and revolutionizing payments.

The power of Breez’s Open-LSP Model lies in its simplicity. It reconceives bitcoin’s role in the financial system, transforming it from a marginal, speculative asset into a universal currency. The returns it generates are largely independent of bitcoin price volatility. Best of all, no one involved - users, LSP partners, or Breez - relinquishes custody of their bitcoin, minimizing risk and maximizing autonomy.

bitcoin unites people all over the world

The Breez Open-LSP Model provides ROI on bitcoin in real time:

built-in demand icon

Built-in demand

ROI comes from forwarding payments, and the Breez SDK organically generates and grows payment volume.

no custodial risk icon

No custodial risk

LSPs generate ROI on their bitcoin without borrowing, lending, or transferring custody at any time, unlike staking and collateralizing.

low barriers to entry icon

Low barriers to entry

Requires only modest technical proficiency and uses off-the-shelf software.

Supplying liquidity through the Breez Open LSP Model generates a return on bitcoin in real time without staking, collateralizing, securitizing or transferring possession of your bitcoin. The more often liquidity on an LSP node is reused in fee-generating payment events, the higher the ROI.

cycle of supply and demand based on LSP, SDK and ROI

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