Breez Cloud

Multiple Apps, One Node

You’ve just found the Breez Cloud alpha, which changes how we’re all going to experience the P2P Lightning economy.

Breez Cloud is powered by Greenlight. Like a “traditional” mobile Lightning node, Breez Cloud stores your private keys on your device, giving you complete control over your sats, which is the way bitcoin should be. But unlike a conventional node, Breez Cloud nodes are located on Blockstream’s Greenlight servers, giving you and the services you authorize constant access to your sats from potentially any app on any device.

The result is a world of tailored user experiences. Each app can integrate the Lightning functions its users need in the most intuitive way possible. Breez Cloud enables Lightning applications no one has even dreamed of yet, giving Lightning the versatility of fiat while preserving the integrity of bitcoin.

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Get Early Access

If you love innovation and trying new things, feel free to contact us for early access to the Breez Cloud.

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